These radio control kits only cost about $20-$30 at the local hobby or craft store. You will need to purchase it before you put the car together in order to know what dimensions you need to allow for other pieces of the car. To stay on the cheaper side, you could get cheap wood and glue and take lots and lots of time to put it together. A local lumber store or hobby sore would have light wood that you could use to construct the car and use a super glue or epoxy to hold it together. With Team losi it's always about functionality and ease of use for the user, and the LST has not been a disappointment in both of those departments. If this type of do-it-yourself project seems a bit much for your first time out, there are remote control car kits that include the entire model for a car. This will probably look better than the 'made from scratch' piece of wood model and take less time. It may cost you more, but it will look and feel better to a beginner. And, there is nothing in the way of control over how the car will look, which is the advantage most people like to build their own cars. The choice is up to you and either one will give you good experience in building remote control cars; it all depends on time and money.