Interest in this hobby has probably plateaued and maybe even subsided a little however the future for those who enjoy working with model cars is exciting as technology continues to improve and bring changes we can only for now imagine Gordon Stevens publishes content with a view to informing and enriching the experience of the consumer. Assembled or Non-Assembled You might be making your first purchase of a remote controlled car and quite unfamiliar with its assembly. In this case, it is advisable to go for an assembled model if you anticipate problems in piecing it together after you leave the store. Always ask a sales clerk for advice when in doubt. Building and racing remote controlled cars is an expensive passion for many people around the country and if you knew exactly how much they were spending each month on this hobby, you'd be shocked. It is possible to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to create a top of the line, great looking and insanely fast car. If you are interested in the hobby of building radio controlled vehicles, then you will have to spend money along the way, and lots of it, although there are ways to cut corners to save a few dollars here and there without sacrificing your projects integrity.