Electric RC vehicles - need to have the batteries charged before running. Once this is done, start out slowly to ensure that all is working correctly.But it is also important that you maintain your car so that it can retain its technology and also you must read the instruction so that you can best use the fastest RC cars The type of RC car chosen will determine how you should start the new vehicle off. Batteries require complete discharging before recharging to prevent battery memory (mostly applicable to NIMH batteries) Do not forget to cool the batteries after charging before using them in the car.As soon as you buy a new RC car or truck, you will want to check the manual that comes with it. This is extremely useful as it offers the complete maintenance schedule for your RC vehicle. It uses the technology that is actually employed in remote control helicopters and remote control airplanes which certainly give it the title of the world's fastest remote control car. In order to keep the vehicle running correctly and performing well, you can follow the instructions in the manual, so keep it on hand. You should also check any DVDs that are included with the manual.The fastest RC car till today as per the records is the Nic case's Schumacher Mi3 which also holds the world record of the fastest RC car with a recorded maximum speed of 161.76 miles per hour.