The manufacturers cater to an ever widening market and the result is an increasing variety of models to choose from. There are models designed with children in mind. Taking this a stage further there are cars designed with boys in mind and others designed with girls in mind. This then is a hobby that can have a family factor as a level of supervision is might be helpful and over the years families have benefited from their involvement with electric remote control cars. On the other hand there are models that are intended for adult use and this because of the skills required to build and to operate these machines. One rule of thumb is to never purchase cheap supplies just because they are cheap. Without spending too much on your first vehicle, you would want to get an accurate feel for the hobby. You want to purchase top quality parts that will make a great car for you and your money. At the same time, you might find out that this is not the hobby for you and that is why you don't want to spend an arm and a leg on putting together your model. After your first car is a success, you would more likely begin to invest more time and money in a second or third car; after you know you have more expertise to do things right.